Canada-Ghana Grade 2/3 Class Q&A Exchange


What kind of houses do you have?

In Canada we have metal, brick and wood houses. Our houses can have one floor or they can have two. My house has three floors and we have a sink 3 bathrooms and lots of furniture. The people who live in my house with me are mom, dad, Liam and Callum my brothers. We also have a friend called Sally who lives downstairs.


In Kpandai we have brick and mud houses. Our houses can have only one floor. My house has one floor and we have one bathroom and no furniture. The people who live in my house with me are Dad, Mom, Daniel and Kojo. We also have a friend called Kosu who lives in the same house as us.


Do you study Spelling? Do you get tested on spelling words correctly?

In Canada we get tested on our spelling words every week. If we get the word wrong, we get it marked wrong. We are given a spelling pre-test on our spelling words. If we get a word wrong we have to re-write it two times beside the wrong one (for practice). We are expected to then study the words at home. On Friday we have a spelling test and if we get one word wrong it gets marked wrong.


In St. Kizito’s Primary School, we get tested on our spelling words every three days in a week. If we get the word wrong, we get it marked wrong. We are given drill though the words. If we get a word wrong, we have to write it once as a correction (for practice). The corrected words will then be practiced at home.


What kind of animals do you have in the wild? Do you have monkeys at your school?

In Canada we have black bears, crows, beavers, geese and marmots, among other things. We also have other animals too. In the wild I have seen crows, bears, and geese.


In Ghana we have snakes, scorpions and lions (I’m actually pretty sure they don’t have lions), among other things. We also have other animals too in the wild. I have seen mice, scorpions and snakes. We do not have monkeys at school (I haven’t seen any in Kpandai, but apparently you can find them in the bush).


What kind of clothes do you usually wear to school, and what are your clothes made of?

In Canada during the winter it is cold, snowy and rainy. We often wear wool sweaters, pants, cotton shirts and sometimes leather shoes or boots and coats. In the summer in Canada, it can get quite hot. We usually wear shorts, t-shirts and summer dresses sometimes and also capris pants! I prefer wearing summer clothes because winter clothes are so puffy and I don’t feel that comfortable.


We wear a green uniform to school. We wear it every day. I like to wear the uniform. It is made of cotton and I wash it myself. When I go home, I wear an out dress to play.


What do children do for fun when they are not in school?

In Canada children like to hike, play outside, play hockey and have fun. My favourite thing to do is play with my computer, watch television, read books and play with my friends! I also love to play on my DS!


When I am not in school I play soccer and volleyball. I play friends. My favourite thing to do is to read books with my friends. I like story books.


What animals do you keep for pets?

In Canada… we have cats, dogs, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, lizards, geckos, snakes, birds, (parrots and budgies), horses, aquarium fish, like pirahnas and small gold fish and tropical fish. Some people also keep ferrets, guinea pigs, rats, mice and rabbits. I have pet dwarf hamster. He is really small. His name is Sid. My brother has a leopard gecko called Dots. She eats crickets for lunch! I also have a black Labrador dog. His name is Themba.


We keep cats for pets. I have a white cat. We also have a dog named Hob. It is my job to clean the dog.


Do you often see snakes where you live in Ghana? What kind of snakes do you see?

In Canada we rarely see snakes, but sometimes we see garter snakes when we go for hikes. They are small but not poisonous. Canada does not have many snakes. We do not have any poisonous snakes. But we have rattlesnakes in our province.


We have Cobra and Green snakes in Ghana. I have seen them both. Both of them actually bite you and you get poison. My friend Akim was bitten by a Cobra. He got poisoned so they had to send him for treatment. It took him about two weeks to get better.


What languages do people speak in Ghana? Can you speak all of those languages?

In Canada we speak English and a type of French called Quebecois. I speak English. Some other languages spoken here are Mandarin and Cantonese (Chinese languages), Japanese and Spanish. Canada has many people who have moved here from other countries, so it is hard to name all the languages you might hear here.

clip_image034Bless Jimima

I cannot speak all of the languages, but I can speak Engligh, Nawuri, Ewe, and Twea. I speak them all well. I can also speak small Concumber. Other people in Ghana speak Ga, Dagati, Wala, Dogomba, Housa, and many more – I cannot mention them all. (I have heard there are about 50 languages spoken in Ghana!)


What kind of instruments do people in Ghana own and what instrument is your favourite?

In Canada we have really cool instruments like the violin, clarinet, cello, drums, and electric guitar. The instruments I play are drums and the piano. My favourites are the drums. I also like the electric guitar. My brother plays both electric guitar and the acoustic guitar.


In Ghana we have drums, electric guitar and violin. I play the drums. I have two drums. I have played for two years. I play every weekend with my two friends. We do not play music at school. Sometimes I play for my mates when they come to visit me.


Do you have moss where you live? In case you don’t know what moss is, here is a definition: Mosses are small, soft plants that are don’t grow tall (usually 1-10 cm). They usually grow close together in clumps or mats in damp, shady areas.

In Canada, we have moss. Moss grows in bunches in forests most of the time. Moss is green. In my yard, I have moss on our rock. My dog does not like the feel of moss, so he will not go near the big patch of moss in our yard. I like the moss and it is right near my brother and my climbing tree, I like it because we have to step on three places before we get into the tree and branches all shake. I also think it looks very pretty.


No, I do not think we have moss. We have big plant like mango trees. We have small plants like bambura beans. We have grass too. We also grow many plants for food like yams.


In the pictures we saw from Mark, we noticed that many people have no hair. Is there a reason why people keep their hair really short or keep their heads shaved?

In Canada, some people have a lot of hair. Some girls wear their hair with ponytails. Some boys wear their hair long and some wear it short. People in Canada can choose how they want to wear their hair, but children need to ask their parents. We get our hair cut in Canada by a haircutters, or barbers who are professional hair cutters. But my mum is really good and she cuts our hair. We usually get our hair cut once a month. I really like my hair short!


In Ghana it is compulsory for school children to shave their heads for personal hygiene. I like to have my head shaved because I want to be clean. I think most children like to have their heads shaved.


Do you ever get free time in school? What do you like to do in free time?

In Canada, we get free time a little bit each week in school. In free time, we sometimes go to the gym, finish work , go outside , read , play games and play in the classroom with toys. Some of the toys we have in our classroom are books, shapes, blocks, puppets and drawing supplies. My favourite thing to do is build blocks or go on the computer for free time.


Yes, we get free time here every day after break at 10am. We get ten minutes and I play and eat. I eat rice and I play ampe where you clap your hands and throw your leg. Five of us play it. We also sometimes play football.


Does your class have books?

In Canada, most classes have lots of books. In our classroom we have many books. The types of books we have are picture books and novels. We also have some Science books, joke books, dictionaries and books about places in the world. Some of the most popular books in our class are about animals and Science.


In my school most classes have a few books. In my classroom, we have a few books. The types of books we have are science books and story books. Some of the most popular books in my class are about the environment. I like the English book. I have four of my own books at home too.


How many teachers do you have and what are their names?

In Canada, we have two teachers in our classroom. Their names are Mrs. Downie and Mrs. Fulton. Mrs. Fulton teaches us on Monday and Tuesday. Mrs. Downie teaches us on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Fulton is also the music teacher.


In my school we have five teachers. There is only one teacher in the room with us and there are 53 students. His name is Mr. Gregory. (There are 672 students at the primary school, which covers 6 years, and there are only 8 teachers, 3 of whom are qualified and 5 who are assistants).


What do you do for physical exercise in school?

In Canada, we play games and run around the gym. We play tag. Our gym has lots of fun equipment for us to use like basketballs, soccer balls, hockey, bouncy balls, bowling and hockey nets. We also sometimes exercise outside by running around the field and the gym. Sometimes we play hula hoops. My favourite physical exercise in school is sneak-tag. It is the most fun game to play, because there is a little box and you use half the gym, the person whose “it” has to lie on their belly and tries to tag everyone!!


In my school we play games such as football, volleyball, and ampe. I also sometimes exercise outside the school by running around the field. My favourite exercise is football and I play position 5, which is defense.


What kind of Art can you do?

In Canada we sometimes reuse paper to make new art. We also make paintings and pottery. We have first nations art made out of wood and metal. In school we sometimes sketch in free time. My mum makes jewelry out of metal and chains that she sells. People love her artwork and she gets lots of people who ask her to make them things. In Kpandai do you have paint in the classrooms? Do you do artwork projects? I like to work with pencils and do sketches.


In my school we use clay to mould pots, motor, television and snakes. I like to make small chairs, tables and televisions out of clay. In my school we don’t have paint. I like to draw with pencil.


What subjects do you study in school and what subject is your favorite?

In Canada, I study Math, Writing, Science, Socials, Physical Education, Music, Reading, Art, Drama, and Health and Careers. My favorite subject is Science. I did a project on an animal. I chose the lynx.


In my school I study math, English, science, French, and RME (religious and moral education). We also have PE every Friday. My favourite subject is science. I study it hard and I am good at it.


What chores do you have to do around your house?

In Canada some children have chores like taking out the trash, making our beds, helping in the garden. My chores at home are to clear the table, clean my room, make my lunch for school.


I weed around the house. I also sweep the compound. I help my parents around the house and on the farm I help weed. I also wash my own clothes.


What are some of the favourite sports in Ghana?

In Canada there are lots of popular sports, like soccer, ice hockey, rugby, skiing and golf. Lots of these are great sports!! Probably the most popular sport is ice hockey and skiing. Canadians are crazy about these two sports!My favourite sport is soccer and I am pretty good at tennis and floor hockey. I love playing sports.


In Ghana there are lots of popular sports like soccer and volleyball. In Ghana, the most popular sport is soccer. My favourite sport is soccer. My favourite player is Asmoah and he plays for the Black Stars.


Do most people have computers where you live?

In Canada most people have computers in their homes. We use our computers to many things, like do homework, write letters and look up information. Most people have their own computers in their homes. We also have 6 computers in the classroom! I used to share a computer with my sister but it broke down so now we have a family computer. Computers are not as expensive in Canada.


In Ghana few people have computers in their home. Computers are very expensive in Ghana. I have never used a computer or typed on one before. (I let each of the children type in their own names and I think it was the first time any of them had ever touched a computer except for one little girl)


What kind of games do you play at school and what game is your favourite?

In Canada, we play many games like skipping rope, tag (where you run away from the person that is “it”), playground games, Math games with cards, we play “book club” where we read books and talk about them. Our school is near a forest. During lunch students like to create forts and shops using the trees, rocks and pinecones as fake money. We play with puppets, marbles and building blocks.

Some of the games I like to play are skip counting in tens and twenties. I also like to play “go fish”, which is a card game.


I play football, ampe and running the field. Football is my favourite and I play position 9, like Renaldo.


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