We Would Really Appreciate Your Help

25 Jul

We’ve identified recruitment of the key staff positions listed below as one of our biggest priorities to allow us to increase the amount of awesomeness that EWB is able to generate.  There are a broad range of positions available that could be filled by a broad range of individuals: from students to quasi-retirees, engineers to non-engineers, experienced EWBers to newbies, entrepreneurs to managers…

So we would really appreciate it if you would: 

  • Forward this post to anyone you think might be interest in the the positions listed below and any of your contacts who have access to significant networks of potential candidates.  
  • Throw your own hat into the ring!  After four years of volunteering with EWB, I just started full time at the National Office a little over a month ago and I’ve been having a blast.

Who wouldn’t want to join a team like this?  (a ‘lip-dub’ music video shot in one take during a break at our recent office retreat)


1. Director of Operations (full time) a process oriented person with a talent for managing and organizing others.  The successful candidate will be capable of simplifying complex problems into steps and then supporting  a team to achieve them.  Ideally someone with professional operational experience at a senior level and the ability to think strategically.  Likely an ESTJ or ISTJ (we currently don’t have any in the office!)

2. Director of Fundraising (full time) – a person who enjoys the hunt, but who is also capable of managing a team in the office and acting as a change leader within the broader organization in order to help evolve our fundraising culture.  The successful candidate will enjoy networking and building relationships, but will balance this with strength in strategy and execution.  Demonstrated success in fundraising or corporate marketing/sales is required.

3. Director of Canadian Programs (full time)a person with a good balance of strategic, executing and relationship strengths and experience. The successful candidate will be responsible for taking a broad view of all our Canadian programs (advocacy, global engineering, fair trade, member learning, youth engagement), establishing linkages between broad objectives and daily activities, assigning resources, and then supporting a team to achieve clear objectives.


4. Junior Fellow Program Manager (1 year min. contract) the Junior Fellow program gives approximately 40 students from our University Chapters the chance to spend 3.5 months working in Africa with our program teams, contributing to our strategies aimed at creating opportunity for Dorothy. The successful candidate will be responsible for administering this program.  They will have a strong track record of investing in people and likely will have already spent time overseas with EWB.


5. Business Development Services Team Leada 2+ year Africa based opportunity for an individual with a mixture of entrepreneurial and management skills who already has significant overseas experience. This is a senior role that will involve setting strategy, building a team, establishing and nurturing local relationships, and direct liaison with the EWB national office.

6. Business Development Services Africa Program Staff (APS)short (6 month) and longer term (1+ year) Africa based opportunity to help facilitate the growth of local businesses in Africa as part of our BDS team.


7. Conference 2012 Director of Content (6m internship) – a skilled organizer and communicator who is adept at simplifying and prioritizing tasks.  Someone with significant EWB experience, preferably with both our Canadian and African programs.  Open to a wide range of experience levels and life situations.  Could be full or part time depending on the candidate.  Ottawa or Toronto based is preferred, but not required.


8. Hockey Puck Entrepreneurwe have partnered with a marketing company to start a for-profit social venture to sell Fairly Traded Hockey Pucks that are made from socially responsible African rubber and manufactured in Canada. We are through the initial feasibility stages of the project and we are looking for a socially-minded entrepreneur to help us take this business from its current pilot stage to a profitable and high social impact business. In this position, you will take over the work completed to date and become the principle driver of the venture.

Click here to learn more about all of the open positions.     


3 Responses to “We Would Really Appreciate Your Help”

  1. jblechta July 25, 2011 at 5:10 pm #

    Have tweeted it on our chapters twitter account. Good luck!

  2. erinantcliffe July 26, 2011 at 4:16 am #

    I went to the EWB website and couldn’t find anything about these job openings. Are they posted somewhere officially online, or just on your blog?

    • markwjabbott July 26, 2011 at 9:14 am #

      Hey Erin,

      The job board has been hidden away on the main EWB site, but Kyle’s working on fixing that today. We’re also going to try and get the positions posted more obviously on myEWB too.


      PS – just finished having a great conversation with Dom about his upcoming placement. 🙂

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