An Opportunity To Put Another EWBer to Work for a Day!

12 Jul

Some of you may recall how last summer I offered the opportunity to ‘put me to work for a day’ for the low-low price of $50/day to help fundraise for my EWB placement in Ghana last year.  Your response was overwhelming and I had to add more days plus allow some people to give me challenges without specific days associated with them in order to accommodate the $7,500 that poured in!

Although I was truly touched by the monetary support, it turned out that the opportunity to connect people to my experiences through the emails I sent to each of my sponsors (see the pdfs in the sidebar of this blog) and the new experiences that resulted from your challenges turned out to be far more inspiring and profound.

This summer, one of the volunteers that the Vancouver professional chapter is sending overseas is my friend Mark Ware.  He has decided to offer you the same opportunity to ‘put him to work for a day’ – this time in Malawi working with EWB’s Water and Sanitation team.

PS – go easy with your challenges, he’s only a PhD in Molecular Biology!

Our other amazing professional volunteer from Vancouver this year is Lindsey Hannigan.  She is also a good friend of mine and she is going to be an amazing addition to EWB’s Agricultural Value Chain (AVC) team in Ghana.   You can support her placement here and, although she hasn’t formerly offered to sell individual days on her blog, I know she’s always up for a good challenge. 🙂


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