Projecting Change Kpandai – Take 2

10 Nov

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Last night we held our second big film Projecting Change Kpandai event.  The first Projecting Change Kpandai screening was of Pray The Devil Back To Hell and it was a big success.  For our second screening, we chose Emmanuel’s Gift, which is the story of a Ghanaian man who is born with a crippled leg and who overcomes overwhelming challenges to successfully help change perceptions about the physically disabled.

There is a deep rooted cultural stigma against people with disabilities in Ghana.  In olden times and in some cases still today, parents of children who are born with a disability will “see them off,” which is a euphemism for killing them, often by leaving them in the forest to die.  This is what Emmanuel’s father wanted to do with him, but his mother prevented him, so he abandoned the family.

The event was another big success.  I managed to rent the sound system from some local entrepreneurs for $20 and get a big white sheet made by a tailor friend of mine.  We setup in the late afternoon at our venue, in front of the dilapidated community center in town, and we started blaring Bob Marley music  as the sun was setting to help attract the crowd.  At first I turned on the i-Tunes music visualization tool to amuse the assembling crowd.


The District Chief Director gave the opening address (see below), which was then translated into Twea, Nawuri, and Cucumber.  We attracted around 300 people who remained attentive through the whole movie and the closing remarks.  As the crowd did not look ready to leave, we played about 30 minutes of Disney Pixar’s ‘A Bugs Life’ to everyone’s great amusement before packing it up for the evening.


This morning I have had many amazing comments about the last night’s screening.  For example, on my walk to work a women came running out of her compound and asked me if she could get a copy of the film burned to DVD so that she could share it with some other people at her church. 

When I arrived at the office, the Cultural and Community officers who had helped organize the event stopped by to discuss how they can continue the initiative and extend it to other towns in the district.  One of the Extension Agents in my MoFA office is also very keen.  Sounds like the Projecting Change Kpandai film festival series may have successfully taken root! 🙂

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  1. doris November 11, 2010 at 11:05 am #

    this is awesome!!!

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