Mark’s Contact Info

29 Aug

Our man in Africa is only an sms/text message away.

Mark has two cellphone #s in Ghana, and it seems like he is using the “27” provider while in Kpandai. Friends in Canada have been successfully contacting him using 233270266899 without the international dial-out prefix, though on my (prepaid Virginmobile) phone replies include the full 011233270266899. Messages transfer very quickly, and carrying on a simple conversation is no problem.

Google has also introduced direct Gmail-to-cellphone texting, which works very well. You need to enable it in your account settings but once it is set up Mark shows up in your list of contacts and can me messaged from your computer. Use 233270266899.

Instructions on setting up sms messaging for Gmail here:

One Response to “Mark’s Contact Info”

  1. Cat August 31, 2010 at 8:43 am #

    Great job Thias! What are the odds that gmail texting works in Ghana? Will try it out right now.

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